Group Death in Service Insurance

Offering peace of mind to your employees that should the worst happen, their family will be protected.

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Offering financial security and a helping hand to your employees' loved ones when it matters the most.

When a family’s main earner dies or is affected by serious illness, grief and worry can be exacerbated by the uncertainty that comes with financial insecurity.

Group death in service cover offers employers a means to help protect against such an eventuality - with cover for employees against death, terminal or critical illness and income protection. A valuable financial benefit employees, a group death in service scheme can not only provide peace of mind to members of staff and their loved ones, it can also help with employee retention and recruitment.

Standard Covers

  • Life assurance.

  • Relevant life assurance.

Key Features

  • Tax deductible premiums to employer.

  • Tax free benefit for employees.

  • Protects employee families.

  • Improves staff recruitment and retention.

  • Available for sole directors as well as employees.

Group Death in Service Cover from Ashley Page

At Ashley Page we have been advising businesses for more than 40 years. As a result, we are experienced in helping firms of all shapes and sizes put in place appropriate death in service cover for their employees.

As an independent broker, we are not tied to any insurer so you can rely on us to offer straightforward advice you can trust. We can provide solutions for:

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We can help you to provide your employees with cover that provides:

  • A tax free lump sum to employees’ dependents in the unfortunate event of the employee’s death.A tax free lump sum to employees who have been diagnosed with a serious illness or condition.
  • A monthly income to employees who are unable to continue working because of a long term illness or injury.
  • A tax free lump sum for individual directors who do not have other employees or who do not wish to arrange a group plan for other employees.
  • Tax deductible premiums. 

Talk to one of our experienced advisers about how we can help promote staff retention and provide your employees with peace of mind.


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