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Protect your business, partners and next of kin when it matters most.

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Protecting your business with tailored solutions that offer complete peace of mind.

When a business owner dies or is affected by serious illness it is very traumatic for his or her family, as well as or the remaining business owners and the business itself. One of the financial consequences might be that the beneficiaries inherit the shares and wish to sell these, while the remaining shareholders may not have sufficient funds to purchase them.

Shareholder or partnership protection insurance can help businesses to survive what is likely to be a period of uncertainty and can form part of an effective disaster recovery strategy.

Ashley Page wants to help make sure your business is taken care of in such circumstances, by providing advice, guidance and the right insurance to help you to retain control and provide peace of mind.

Standard Covers

  • Term assurance.

  • Term assurance with critical illness cover.

  • Whole of life protection plan.

Key Features

  • Provides capital for surviving shareholders to purchase the deceased’s shares.

  • Allows remaining shareholders to remain in control of the business.

  • Ensures the family receives a fair value for their shares.

  • Trust arrangements provide for immediate access to funds.

  • Guaranteed premiums.

Shareholder Protection from Ashley Page

At Ashley Page we have a 40 year track record of protecting businesses, business owners, shareholders and next of kin. As an independent broker we are not tied to any one insurer, which frees us to offer straightforward advice you can trust. We can provide you with a comprehensive suite of solutions to help protect your business when it matters most. These include:

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We can help you to find cover that:

  • Protects the value of business assets, avoiding the need to draw out funds set aside for other purposes.
  • Ensures next of kin benefit from the business value generated by the deceased business owner – making funds available to purchase their shares.
  • Avoids the surviving owners and next of kin being tied together in a fractious, unwanted business relationship.
  • Eases pressure on business owners to return to work should they fall critically ill.
  • Supports an effective disaster recovery strategy, reassuring customers that the business can survive an event of this nature.

In addition, we have the knowhow to help you with the complex documentation that is needed to make sure the protection you buy is properly put into effect.

Talk to us today to find out how we can help protect your business, partners and next of kin when it matters most.


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