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Peace of mind is knowing your most valued possessions are insured and your lifestyle is protected.

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When you live a lifestyle worthy of a little extra protection, a standard home and contents insurance policy may not give you the level of cover you need to make sure you are fully protected.

Our experienced private clients team understands the intricacies and risks involved in owning a prestigious home and high value contents including fine art, jewellery and antiques. We recognise that you need a personal insurance solution that fits around you and your busy lifestyle and more importantly one that responds quickly should you ever need to make a claim.

Standard Covers

  • Buildings, contents and personal effects including accidental damage.

  • Jewellery, watches, personal possessions precious metals and collectibles.

  • Students contents and personal possessions whist away from home.

  • Alternative accommodation costs whilst home is being repaired or rebuilt.

  • Tracing and accessing water leaks.

  • Family legal protection.

  • Identity theft.

  • Money and credit cards.

  • Freezer food.

  • Domestic employers liability.

  • Domestic employers liability.

  • Property owners and personal liability.

Key Features

  • Warranty free cover - no mandatory alarm or lock use requirements.

  • Worldwide cover on all contents and personal possessions.

  • Matching of undamaged areas e.g. kitchen surfaces or tiles.

  • Rebuilding valuations and agreed values including listed buildings.

  • Full new for old cover including clothing.

  • Free home appraisal service.

  • Cover can be extended to include travel insurance on a worldwide basis (including winter sports).

  • Second home including foreign holiday homes including loss of rent.

  • Residential rental and investment property.

Home and Contents Insurance from Ashley Page

We have more than 40 years’ experience in providing bespoke insurance solutions for people who have high value homes and contents. Your dedicated account manager will take the time to get to know you and find the right insurance for you, working with the UK’s leading specialist insurers in high net worth cover.

We pride ourselves on our personal approach and professional advice, guidance and support. In the unfortunate event that you need to make a claim, our dedicated in house team will provide you with support and guidance every step of the way, making sure that you get the best possible resolution as quickly as possible.

Contact one of our specialist advisers today to find out how you can protect your most valued possessions.

Related FAQs

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Can you insure listed properties?

All types of listed and protected properties can be covered and the sum insured needs to reflect the property’s listed status.

What should I include in my contents cover?

Your contents cover should include anything that is not built in - for example furniture, white goods, carpets, curtains, clothes, linen, kitchenware and so on.

What is considered an accessible window?

Accessible windows are windows, skylights and/or roof-lights that are at ground floor or basement level, or within easy reach of the ground and capable of being opened - such as a first-floor window above a flat-roof.

What is subsidence?

Subsidence is the downward movement of the site upon which a building stands, where the soil beneath the building foundations is unstable. Subsidence often results in cracking within an affected building.

What is personal possessions insurance and why should I purchase it?

When you take out home contents insurance you will have protection for your personal possessions at your residence. Personal possessions insurance extends the cover for loss or damage outside of your home. The most common claims under this cover are loss or theft of an item of jewellery or laptop often whilst on holiday (travel policies provide cover but have very low single article limits). Typical items covered are portable computer equipment, jewellery, contents of a handbag, clothing, hearing aids and glasses.

What constitutes minimum security?

Every policy is different and you will need to check your particular policy wording, but as a general rule of thumb the following will be required: A lock which can be locked with a key from both the inside and the outside, a mortice deadlock with five or more levers or a surface mounted rim deadlock, a key operated multi-point locking system, two key operated security bolts operating horizontally and fitted internally top and bottom, for each door or window two key operated security bolts operating vertically and fitted internally top and bottom, for each opening door two key operated patio door locks operating horizontally and fitted top and bottom, one key operated patio door lock plus an anti-lift device, an anti-lift device prevents the lifting of sliding patio doors from their frames, at least one key operated locking device on all accessible opening windows.

My policy already covers my jewellery, what are differences with the high net worth insurer?

Subject to valuation, high net worth insurers cover items on an agreed value basis. In addition, in the event of a claim, you are free to use your own jeweller and not an insurer’s nominated jeweller Most insurers will agree to cash settlement based on valuation figure and not the cost of replacement.

I have always arranged cover for my cars direct. Are there any advantages of combining with my high net worth household policy?

There are a number of advantages. If you have numerous vehicles and a limited number of drivers you will often benefit from very competitive premiums. Additionally, aside from the named drivers, the policy automatically extends to cover any non-family member driving any of the vehicles - in some cases, with no age limit. Similarly, the named drivers (not just the policyholder) will be covered to drive any other vehicle for full accidental damage. On top of that, the vehicles will be covered on an agreed value at inception/renewal date for the next 12 months rather than on the Glass’s guide valuation at the time of the accident/theft. Finally, any courtesy cars provided will be comparable to your own vehicle and you’ll get full European breakdown cover.

How do I know when my property was built?

You can find out when your house was built by checking your mortgage valuation or a previous survey. If you don't have these consult a professional surveyor – remembering that insurers want to know the approximate year in which the property's foundations were first laid.

How do I calculate the rebuild cost of my home?

Rebuild cost is calculated on the gross external floor area of your home and guidance can be obtained form the ABI who provide a guide of rebuild costs (www.abi.bcis.co.uk). However, for the more complex properties, many insurers offer a free appraisal service which will calculate the correct rebuild cost taking into account internal finishes.

Can cover be issued without onerous security requirements?

It is possible to arrange cover on what is known as a warranty free basis. This means that the Insurer does not stipulate that locks and alarm must be used and cannot refuse a claim if they are not put in place (although there is the expectation that in general they will be put in place).

What is the most effective way of insuring valuable art, antiques and jewellery?

Ideally, these items should be insured on an agreed value basis. This means that in the event of a total loss, this is the amount you are guaranteed to be paid. Valuation or original invoices will be required.

Can cover be provided for goods which are in storage or in bank safe deposits?

Yes cover can be arranged for jewellery, art, antiques or other such items whilst being stored in a bank, safety deposit box or whilst being restored/repaired.

How are claims usually paid?

The majority of claims can be settled on a cash basis. Insurers do not insist that their own suppliers or providers deal with replacement of your lost or damaged goods.

Can you provide cover for my holiday home?

We have many insurers that are able to cover for holiday homes in the UK and overseas, either as an extension to the policy covering your main residence or on a standalone basis.

Why insure my overseas home through a UK broker?

This would ensure your overseas home would be covered on UK wording rather than a local wording - UK cover is often wider and does not contain unknown restrictions.

What does travel insurance cover?

Travel insurance covers emergency medical expenses, cancellation or curtailment costs, baggage, loss of money & passports, and personal liability for causing injury or damage. Commercial travel policies extend to include the cost of sending out a replacement member of staff should an employee fall ill or need to cut their trip short.

What are the main differences between a high net worth policy and a standard policy I can buy online?

Cover outside of the home? Standard Policy: Not covered or limited to specific items. High Net Worth Policy: Everything is covered worldwide. Trace & access? Standard Policy: Not covered or with a low inner limit. High Net Worth Policy: Unlimited. Matching? Standard Policy: Will not match undamaged items e.g. only damaged tile replaced or section of kitchen surface/units. High Net Worth Policy: If unable to match will replace the entire area. Security/Warranty Free? Standard Policy: Security measures must be put in place and warranties complied with. High Net Worth Policy: No warranties and no security requirements. Clothing? Standard Policy: Wear and tear taken into account when valuing items in a claim. High Net Worth Policy: Clothes replaced on a new for old basis. Replacement Items? Standard Policy: Will receive a voucher and must use insurer’s network. High Net Worth Policy: Cash settlement. Jewellery? Standard Policy: Items with a value over £1,000 will often need to be specified. High Net Worth Policy: Items typically only need to be specified with values over £10,000.

Would a home contents insurance policy cover mobile phones?

Mobile phones would be covered under the contents policy for an insured event (e.g. theft, water damage, accidental damage etc) subject to the policy excess. There will be specific conditions relating to items left in unattended vehicles and when travelling.

Would a home contents insurance policy cover mobile electronic devices?

Mobile electronic devices would be covered under the contents policy for an insured event (e.g. theft, water damage, accidental damage etc) subject to the policy excess. There will be specific conditions relating to items left in unattended vehicles and when travelling.

Customer Testimonials

Ashley Page has looked after my personal insurance affairs for many years and I have always found their customer service to be consistently excellent. I am continually impressed with their professional, technical and competent guidance to any matter, whether it be claims related, underwriting queries or renewals. I have no hesitation in recommending Ashley Page.

D Johnston, Private Client

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Ashley Page is large enough to get the best insurances for one’s business, and small enough to get the personal service so necessary in cases of queries or claims. I have worked with Ashley Page over numerous years to our complete satisfaction.

Giora Zucker, Managing Director, Osem UK Limited

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