Prestige Cars and Family Fleet Insurance

Protecting your prestige cars and family fleet with specialist insurance.

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When you have invested so much time and money into acquiring the right car, it is important to get the right cover in place to protect it.

Your high value cars, classic cars and family fleets need a different level of cover than a standard motor policy can provide. Whether you drive a Bentley, Porsche, Mercedes, Audi A8 or any luxury or classic car, we can design a specialist insurance solution that gives you the right level of protection. We can also insure your family fleet in one policy, which can include your children’s cars too.

Standard Covers

  • Comprehensive cover.

  • Windscreen and body glass repair/replacement.

Key Features

  • Use of own repairers.

  • Like for like courtesy car (limits apply).

  • Automatic foreign use cover.

  • UK and EU breakdown and roadside assistance.

  • Agreed value.

  • Driving other cars on a “comprehensive” cover basis.

  • Additional vehicles can be added including motor cycles and road registered plant type vehicles.

  • Cover in EU countries for extended periods of time.

  • Flexible/any driver arrangements.

  • Cover for private registration numbers.

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Prestige Cars and Family Fleet Insurance From Ashley Page

We have been arranging bespoke insurance solutions for drivers of prestige and luxury cars, as well as family fleet, for more than 40 years - building a reputation for delivering outstanding insurance protection and personal, attentive service along the way.  

Our highly experienced team understands the specialist needs of drivers of high value and performance vehicles and can arrange a policy that has few restrictions, leaving you free to simply enjoy driving.

Professional and Personal Approach

We pride ourselves on our personal approach and professional advice, guidance and support.  In the unfortunate event that you need to make a claim, our dedicated in house team will provide you with support and guidance every step of the way, making sure that your you get the best possible resolution as quickly as possible.

Contact one of our specialist advisers today to find out how we can help arrange the right protection for your car insurance.

Related FAQs

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What are the main differences between a high net worth policy and a standard policy I can buy online?

Cover outside of the home? Standard Policy: Not covered or limited to specific items. High Net Worth Policy: Everything is covered worldwide. Trace & access? Standard Policy: Not covered or with a low inner limit. High Net Worth Policy: Unlimited. Matching? Standard Policy: Will not match undamaged items e.g. only damaged tile replaced or section of kitchen surface/units. High Net Worth Policy: If unable to match will replace the entire area. Security/Warranty Free? Standard Policy: Security measures must be put in place and warranties complied with. High Net Worth Policy: No warranties and no security requirements. Clothing? Standard Policy: Wear and tear taken into account when valuing items in a claim. High Net Worth Policy: Clothes replaced on a new for old basis. Replacement Items? Standard Policy: Will receive a voucher and must use insurer’s network. High Net Worth Policy: Cash settlement. Jewellery? Standard Policy: Items with a value over £1,000 will often need to be specified. High Net Worth Policy: Items typically only need to be specified with values over £10,000.

I have always arranged cover for my cars direct. Are there any advantages of combining with my high net worth household policy?

There are a number of advantages. If you have numerous vehicles and a limited number of drivers you will often benefit from very competitive premiums. Additionally, aside from the named drivers, the policy automatically extends to cover any non-family member driving any of the vehicles - in some cases, with no age limit. Similarly, the named drivers (not just the policyholder) will be covered to drive any other vehicle for full accidental damage. On top of that, the vehicles will be covered on an agreed value at inception/renewal date for the next 12 months rather than on the Glass’s guide valuation at the time of the accident/theft. Finally, any courtesy cars provided will be comparable to your own vehicle and you’ll get full European breakdown cover.

Can you offer an agreed value on my vehicle?

It is usually possible to provide a guaranteed value for prestige cars in the event that the vehicle is stolen or damaged beyond repair. The agreed value is usually reassessed and agreed with you at each renewal date.

Can breakdown cover be included?

The majority of prestige vehicle and family fleet providers will include European breakdown including home-start within the policy as a standard benefit.

What if I need to claim?

Insurers are usually happy to accept a garage of your choice rather than insisting on an approved repairer. In most circumstances a comparable courtesy car will also be made available for the duration of the repairs.

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